We have a very good database which contains the contact details of a number of Old Royals. Send us a message via the 'Contact Us' tab and we'll see if we have the details of someone you would like to make contact with.

Contact via ORA Website (08.12.17) from Nick/Nicholas Hammond, St. Albans
"I was a pupil at RWS 1965 - 71 after 'O levels', so my contemporaries would be the Class of 1973

I am interested in hearing of what has happened to contemporaries from my time at RWS and likewise
please put my contact details into your database.

Transferring to another school from 6th Form I did not keep in touch with anyone though I shall be meeting up with Maricio Robalino (1965 (?) to 1971) in Seattle in 2018. Contemporaries I remember are Chris Goad, Nick Hall and Stuart Cooke.

ORA Website Response: Individuals wishing to contact Nick can do so via the ORA Website
Contact via ORA Website (16.12.17) from Patrick Harris
Nick, you can contact former OR's by contacting Andrew Gardiner on Facebook (Ophney or Old Royals)
Contact via ORA Website (22.12.17) from Laura-Ann Cobb
Hi, I'm looking for my biological father and I think he may of attended the Royal school in Wolverhampton. My fathers name is Russell Taylor and his address was Sandringham Avenue, Shortheath, Willenhall. I think his mother was in the navy so he stayed in boarding. I think he was born 1961 and his mothers name was Ann Taylor
ORA Website Response: Individuals wishing to contact Laura-Ann can do so via the ORA Website
Contact via ORA Website (22.12.17) from Patrick Harris
Currently doing some research into RWS History and seeking to acquire copies or PDFs of PENNMAN 1974 & 1975. Please contact me if able to assist. I am contactable by email patrickharris12@btinternet.com or Facebook (Old Royals or Ophney)
Contact via ORA Website (30.05.18) from Roger Thurman
Good morning ORA, I should like to find a couple of Old Royals. Most would have contemporaries of mine (at school between 1950 and 1962 approx.) They are Clive Watson, Ian Woodcock, David Thomas, Peter Bradley, Ivor Herrington, Judith Allen, Gillian Hargreaves. I should be most grateful if you could provide me with their contact emails or send them a request to contact me at my email address (rogerthurman@hotmail.com). With sincere thanks in advance.
 Contact via ORA Website (05.07.18) from Barrie Cole
 Hello there. Trying to contact Paul Greenhough as we both shared an interest in football. He was the school goalie.  The year 1960 - 1966. His younger brother was Geoffrey. With thanks, Barrie
Contact via ORA website (17.10.18)
Name: Barry Kenney
Email: barry.kenney@yahoo.com
Phone: 07850225630
Subject: Search for my contemporaries 1958 -1965
Message: I am looking for any of my former class-mates who attended the RWS
1958 - 1965.


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